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    Gold has always been a symbol of luxury and prestige. It will never lose its value and will always be fashionable. Therefore, more and more gold mosaic appears in interior design. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and even the entryway. Gold also combines wonderfully with other colors, so you can easily choose accessories and furniture. In today's article we will explain how to use a gold mosaic in various rooms of your home.


    Trendy bathroom Bet on a gold mosaic!!

    Interior designers' proposals for 2021 are full of interesting and unconventional solutions. In the next season there will be a noticeable return to the classics, which is art deco. This style is characterized by a love of symmetry, elegance, high-quality materials and golden elements. And you can also use them on walls and floors, as well as in accessories. You can frame the large mirror above the sink with a golden mosaic or make other decorative elements and combine it with immortal black. Nothing stops you from decorating the entire wall with gold elements, for example around the bathtub or shower cubicle.


    Glamorous style kitchen. Bet on the glow of gold!

    When arranging a kitchen, it is necessary to take into account not only practical, but also aesthetic aspects. Do you want your kitchen to impress with its appearance? Bet on a gold mosaic! It is a very interesting finishing element, you can use it in the gap between furniture and above the kitchen counter. It will make the room shine and soften the austerity of the buildings. The gold mosaic goes perfectly with black, white, red and navy blue. Thanks to the gold finish on the wall, your kitchen will become an elegant and unique environment..


    Gold mosaic: jewels for your interior!

    Golden colored elements can also become a great decoration of your living room or bedroom. You can use them to distinguish individual zones in the room. A gold mosaic will work as a delicate accent, for example in the form of a small stripe on the floor or a geometric pattern on the floor. For people who love bold solutions and are not afraid to experiment, a mosaic on one of the walls will be a good choice. In contrast to plain furniture, it will make the interior shine. Thanks to these solutions you will make your stays original and delight everyone.