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    Decorative stainless steel strip for satin gold walls

    SKU: I-10-2440-GOLD-BR
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    Decorative strips are a modern and unique way to decorate walls and furniture. They are perfect as a final finishing element and their exceptional workmanship, aesthetics and durability allow them to be used in an unlimited number of arrangements. It is certainly one of the most innovative finishing products for interiors, where creative visual solutions dominate. The strips are available in many colors, widths and lengths, which further expands their possible range of applications.

    A product in the spirit of do-it-yourself.
    The main advantage of our decorative strips is their ease of installation and cutting. Every beginner DIY enthusiast and creative housewife can handle them easily. For assembly, double-sided tape or, better yet, assembly glue is sufficient, while cutting can be done with an angle grinder or metal shears. That's all you need to easily get a beautiful visual effect.

    Another idea?
    Our strips are not only a beautiful decoration, but also a real panacea in renovation crisis situations. If you are an aesthete and pay a lot of attention to detail and need to disguise an unsightly crack, a curvature or a poorly fitted cladding joint, the strips will come to your aid. They will work great as a decorative masking item. The stripes are also flexible, making them perfect for camouflaging the irregularities of curves.

    You need more motivation?
    The features of our decorative strips are another vote in favor of their use in your home:

    dimensional precision thanks to the use of laser cutting;
    durable, lightfast and non-abrasive color obtained in the galvanizing process;
    high thermal resistance;
    resistance to chemical agents.

    type of finish satin gold
    the thickness of the decoration 0.65mm
    Material SUS 304 stainless steel

    wall, wallpaper, plaster or any other decorative coating;
    architectural concrete;
    floor tiles;
    padded elements;
    as an element of building facades.

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