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    Wall decorations, Black brush - 12 cm x 14 cm

    SKU: HEX-120-140-BLACK-BR-1
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    Stainless steel hexagons supplied with double-sided tape. Take on the role of an interior designer and transform your rooms! Create your composition with a unique and original look using laser-cut stainless steel hexagons industrially colored: stick them as you like and where you want. The hexagonal decorative panels are characterized by a very high aesthetic and a metallic coating with a clean, shiny, and saturated color. The surface of each panel is protected by a protective film that protects the decoration from scratches and damage during transport. Thanks to the use of double-sided mounting tape, the hexagons are easily, quickly, and without unnecessary dirt. Key features: stainless steel hexagons - water-resistant, resistant to low and high temperatures. Laser cutting - elements with perfect, straight edges and consistent dimensions.

    The double-sided tape ensures easy and fast installation.

    Wide range of colors available: hexagons can be freely mixed with other colors offered.

    Metallurgical dyeing: provides true and saturated colors of gold, silver, or copper.

    Can be installed outdoors, in the bathroom, or near stoves. for general construction applications.


    Height - 12 cm

    Side length - 7 cm

    Diagonal - 14 cm

    Thickness - 0.6 mm

    77 pieces are needed for 1 m2. Possible applications: universal wall decoration, original coasters, perfect gift for housewarming.

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