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    Linear shower drain in satin gold stainless steel

    SKU: LIN-900-GOLD-BR
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    Lambro linear drain

    The Lambro linear drain is an excellent choice for people who appreciate high quality, aesthetic appearance and resistance of the drain surface to various types of dirt. These features are just some of the many benefits of this product. It is ideal for those who want to guarantee their bathroom not only functionality, but also an aesthetic touch.

    Other important features that distinguish the linear drain of this series are:
    The highest quality of the material;
    The drain gutter and base cover plate of this series are made of certified stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and other external factors. The thickness of the material is 1.5 mm, it has also been subjected to an etching process in nitric acid, which increases its resistance and durability. Thanks to this, the gutter and base cover plate of this series will work for many years, without the need for replacement or repair. These are high quality products that will ensure durability and resistance in all conditions.

    Complete seal;
    The Lambro drain is made with TIG welding technology, which allows for hermetic and practically invisible welding. For a greater guarantee of tightness of the weld, each weld is tested according to EN ISO 9712. This is very important as high quality welds ensure that the exhaust works properly for many years to come. This means that the investment in the Lambro linear drain will be profitable and long-term.
    Reliable protection and absence of dirt;
    The drain gutter of this series is equipped with a special black coating which reduces the adhesion of dirt. Thanks to this, the surface of the gutter is easier to clean and keeps its attractive appearance longer. In addition, such a coating prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, which is especially important in humid places such as the bathroom. All this makes the gutter of this series resistant and hygienic, and at the same time elegant and aesthetic.

    Convenient adjustment:
    The gutter of this series is equipped with adjustable feet from 0 mm to 30 mm. Thanks to this, you can easily adapt the gutter to the prepared support without having to remove it from the installation location. It is very convenient and every professional will appreciate it. Thanks to this, gutter installation is faster and easier.
    Super low profile - 50mm.
    The linear drain of this series has been optimized to be installed where deep floor excavation is not possible, for example in thin ceilings. Thanks to this, the Lambro linear exhaust is a universal solution that will work in various construction and interior design conditions. In addition, such a design facilitates assembly and allows faster and more effective execution of the entire drainage system.

    High water flow 40 l/min:
    The linear drain of this series has an integrated, non-clogging and sieve-free steel siphon with an outlet of 40 mm. Thanks to this, the drain provides an efficient water flow of 0.66 l/s (40 l/min). This is important from the point of view of the efficiency of the entire drainage system, because the correct flow of water prevents clogging of the gutter and allows free drainage of the water. In turn, the unique sieveless siphon design ensures high strength and durability and at the same time allows for easier and faster operation and maintenance.

    Adaptability to the covering:
    The decorative masking cover of this series has a unique height adjustment system relative to the channel in the range of 11mm to 21.5mm. Thanks to this system it adapts easily to the tile covering. It is a very convenient solution that allows precise execution of the entire drainage system and ensures an aesthetic and coherent appearance of the bathroom.

    Stabilization and noise reduction:
    The grille with rubber bumpers limits movement on both axes. Thanks to this, the grill does not move during use, eliminating the generation of unpleasant metallic sounds.

    Attention, check the technical drawing with the precise measurements in the photos provided!

    type of finishsatin gold
    length70/80/90 cm
    drain width3,3 cm
    channel width13 cm
    height5,0 cm
    MaterialMetallurgical colored SUS 304 stainless steel material, resistant to corrosion and other external factors.
    applicationshower floor

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