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    Shower profile right floor in stainless steel satin copper

    SKU: LKP-11-1200-COPPER-BR
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    2% decrease stainless steel SUS 304 | PVD

    Inclined strips for a linear drain are the best solution if you appreciate a professional approach to finishing your bathroom. Thanks to the shower tray strip, your shower will acquire a neat and elegant look. The slope strip is designed to mask the unaesthetic end of the tiles and at the same time allow a slope towards the drain without the need to cut the tiles in a "bust". The strip forces a 2% drop, so you can be sure that your shower is perfect in every aspect, both technically and visually.

    Choose a practical solution:

    Aesthetic finish of the track without visible silicones, no need to cut the tiles in a "bust" to speed up and increase the comfort of the tiler's work.

    Need more reasons? The specifications of our decorative strips are another vote in favor of their use in your home: stainless steel SUS 304; thickness suitable for enamel thickness; dimensional precision thanks to laser cutting; durable color, light-resistant and non-abrasive obtained in the PVD process high thermal resistance; resistance to chemical agents. A product in the DIY spirit The main advantage of our shower tray strips is their ease of installation and cutting.

    Any DIY enthusiast can handle them without any problems. All you need for installation is tile adhesive and silicone, while cutting can be done with an angle grinder or a saw blade. This is all you need to easily achieve a beautiful visual effect.

    finish type satin copper
    length 120/180 cm
    profile width 1.0 cm up to 3.0/4.0 cm
    Material colored metallurgical stainless steel SUS 304, possible to cut to size with an angle grinder or metal shears
    application floor
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